Quick Tips for Selling Used Furniture for Top Dollar


If you're considering selling your used furniture, you want to ensure you get top dollar for every piece. Unfortunately many people assume they can just put up an ad online and get full price for their piece automatically, but this isn't always the case. I your wondering, "Where can I sell my used furniture," before you decide, whether you end up selling it online or through a consignment shop, note a few quick tips for getting the most money possible.

1. Clean it

It may seem trivial, but even a small mark on a sofa or dust on a chair can reduce the price buyers are willing to pay. On the other hand, furniture that looks brand new and that even smells clean can get more money overall. Use the right cleaner for fabric, wood, leather, and the like and take a few minutes to go over your piece from top to bottom. It's also good to vacuum cushions of fabric pieces, fluff up cushions, and polish wood furniture so it looks its best.

2. Know its value

An old sofa may seem like it's not worth much but if the material is 100% cotton or wool, this can make it more durable than a sofa made with acrylic fabrics that may wear out quickly. Real leather is typically more valuable than vinyl that is meant to look like leather, and solid wood furniture may be more valuable than furniture made with wood veneers.

Note too that some furniture may have been made by a special furniture maker and this can increase its value, even if you don't realize it. If you notice any markings on a dresser or chair, research these. That piece could be an antique or very valuable because of its craftsperson. Do a bit of research about your furniture before you sell and stress these valuable features, and this can result in far more money than you would get otherwise.

3. Take a good photograph

The photo you take of your furniture can go a long way toward its sales price. Be sure to keep pets off the furniture and out of the photo; a buyer may have allergies or sensitivities to pets and may not want to pay full price for one that has pet hair or dander. Make sure there is no clutter or other worn-out furniture in the photo, as this can make the piece itself look worn down and shabby. Stage the photo with props that you note are not included but which can make the piece seem more desirable; put a centerpiece on a dining table or added cushions on a sofa. This will help buyers see the appeal of the piece and they may be inclined to pay more money for it.


6 April 2016

Extra linen storage

I like to have somewhere to store the extra linen between seasons as there is so much difference between how hot and cold it gets at different times of the year here. The quilts can be extremely bulky so I spent some time looking for the right storage chests or drawers that could give me enough space to store it all. I wanted furniture that looked good as well as blended in with the rustic aesthetic of the house. This blog has posts about linen chests and other furniture you might want to add to your home. I hope you find it useful.